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Studio Pics

View from the spacious open room into the drum room. The glass is 1"+ thick and the walls are 9" thick!!

View directly from the control room into the spacious and comfortable vocal booth. 

View from the spacious and comfortable vocal booth directly into the control room!

As you can see here, the open room is large as well and all the ceilings in the studio are 12' high!!  This is a nice room for acoustics and percussion!  All tracking rooms have multi-colored lighting for mood  effect controlled by the artist from the room!

Here's the new drum room, done acoustically correct with no right angles and beautiful new oak floors for that big sound everyone is looking for! Every board in the floor and every piece of trim in the intire studio was glued down before it was nailed! There are 10 or more mics and tracks on the drums during tracking at any given time...all in high-def!

The mighty 388!! This is serial #388 made the first or second day of production in 1982! This very rare JCM 800 is equiped with extremely rare and basically extinct GE military spec 6550s tubes and gold conections throughout. This head was just re-worked completely including new old-stock 6550s (1985 vintage tubes) and a complete re-soldering of the curcuit board. It cost more to refurbish it than I paid for it new!! I've had it for 25 years!! Amazing sound!!

How 'bout that for a tracking room ceiling! 12 feet high! And yes...we have air conditioning!

This is our nice set of Ayotte drums fully mic-ed up with world-class microphones...fabulous sound!!

Cables on cables! lots of stuff plugged in here.

And finally, once again, the messy control room! Dang it...we're busy 'round here!!!